Mobile operations are a great opportunity for a road trip! Nothing in the rules says you can only play in the contest. Some teams plan routes near the Gulf or a favorite lake or stream to get in a little fishing. Others manage to get in a little photography, just sight-see great state of Texas. or partake of the culinary treats of Texas.

In any case, it is helpful for other contestants to have an idea of when and where fellow contesters are planning to be. It also helps to be able to pick 'the road less travelled" to try to put all 254 counties on the air at some time during the contest. The author of CQ/X contesting software plots these routes on a map and we post the routes and maps he so graciously provides.

You don't need an elaborate plan to submit your route. A simple list of counties along the route is all he needs. In fact, this is much better than a detailed sheet with county line crossing times.

In any case, put your list into an email and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Check back here in a week or two to see your route posted.